Common Electrical Problems of the Home – Electrician Tips

Common Electrical Wiring Issues Around The Home

Electrical wiring issues are most commonly associated with older homes but can be just as problematic and hazardous in newer homes. A comprehensive electrical inspection by a qualified electrician can help identify existing and future wiring problems in the house. If you have an electrical problem in your house contact Any of the following signs is a reason to call an electrician:

1. Power Surges And Dips

A power surge occurs typically through lightning strikes, from power-hungry devices or due to faulty electrical wiring. Waves usually only last a second or two and can be difficult to detect. If you notice that your devices turn off for no reason when plugged into a power outlet or the main power switch trips on a regular basis, it could be as a result of a power surge. To prevent damage to electronic equipment and devices, call an electrician as soon as possible.

Power dips occur when items are connected to the power grid and draw large amounts of power suddenly. It can also be a result of poor quality electrical components or bad wiring in the home. If you notice that your lights dim or flicker when you connect certain appliances, electronics or devices, cal, an electrician to determine the problem.

2. Light Bulbs Burning Out Frequently

There are many reasons why light bulbs burn out quickly and do not last as long they should. Most commonly it is as a result of the light bulb exceeding the wattage capacity of the fitting, causing it to overheat and therefore burn out faster. Most fitting is designed to accept a 60 Watt bulb or lower. If your 60 Watt bulbs are burning out quickly, it could be a result of lousy artistry or low-quality fittings.

3. Circuit Breaker Tripping Regularly

The circuit breaker in the home is a protective measure against electrical surges and other electrical hazards and risks and should trip when an electrical problem occurs. However, a circuit breaker that is tripping on a regular basis could be as a result of faulty wiring or merely due to overloading the circuit board. It is advisable to call an electrician to identify the problem.

4. Increase In Power Bill

A monthly electrical bill that seems to be excessively high or that suddenly increases could be as a result of faulty or damaged wiring. An electrical inspection will help detect the problem and help you save on your monthly power bill.

It is recommended to have an electrical inspection performed every couple of years.